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A Low-Lit Juke Joint on Elm Street

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Rock and roll. Drinking beer. Wearing leather pants.

It’s what musicians do best.

It’s also what makes them prequalified to run a bar.

Or a store that specializes in leather pants.

But we digress...

Cross over into the Twilite Lounge, a laid-back neighborhood watering hole where you’ll find cold brews, a sprawling patio and one hell of a jukebox, slated to soft-open tonight in Deep Ellum.

This place comes to you from local musicians Danny Balis (the King Bucks) and Jess Barr (Slobberbone). Which doesn’t exactly explain why there’s an old-school New Orleans vibe, hardwood floors, red-and-gold wallpaper and really ornate vintage-y chandeliers. But it looks cool. So, moving on.

Now, tonight, you’ll want to do the neighborly thing and welcome these guys to the block. Bring a basket of blueberry muffins, or... maybe do something useful. Like offer to buy yourself a Shiner. That’ll taste great in one of those red leather booths behind you. Or on that big wooden patio out back. Or on... well, you get the idea. Beer’s taste is location independent.

Oh, and here’s a shock: this place has a jukebox. A really good jukebox. One that the guitar-playing owners personally stocked full of classic rock, jazz and a few local records. Odds are, you’ll find something you like.

Unless you like adult contemporary.

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