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Canada’s Got Some New Cat-Skiing Turf

Now that you mention it, you should go to a resort in British Columbia that isn’t even open yet for a cat-skiing adventure.

Oh. You didn’t mention it.

Fine. We will.

Welcome to Farnham Glacier at Jumbo Glacier Resort, a sprawling resort in British Columbia that’s going to go ahead and let you cat-ski all over it before it even opens, taking reservations now for weekends beginning in July.

Jumbo Glacier Resort. Remember the name. Because by this time next year, it’s going to be big. As in “Canada’s Whistler” big. As in “North America’s highest vertical drop” big. But right now there’s just a bunch of construction workers running around acres of wilderness. They haven’t even put the ski lifts up yet.

So your first move is going to be procuring a snowcat to take you up.

Actually, your first move is going to be driving in from a tiny village called Radium on any weekend between July and November. Stop at the staging area. That’s where you’ll meet your snowcat-driving guide. As for the rest of your moves: get chauffeured up the backcountry turf; descend down your pick of untouched runs; try not to accidentally start an avalanche. Rinse. Repeat.

Oh, and since you’re on their training grounds, there’s a chance you’ll run into the Canadian Alpine Ski Team on your way down.

They’ll be the ones who are the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.


Farnham Glacier at Jumbo Glacier Resort
Invermere, BC V0A 1K0
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