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Pros-Only Heli-Skiing Turf, Now Your Turf

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Down in New Zealand, there’s a famous mountain range.

And that mountain range has secrets.

And those secrets are only known to a select few.

And please don’t tell us you’re thinking about Lord of the Rings right now...

Because you should be thinking about Expert Terrain via Southern Lakes Heli Ski instead, a chopper-assisted ski tour of New Zealand’s most off-limits, professionals-only-up-until-now backcountry terrain, taking reservations now.

You’ll find this forbidden turf in a remote section of the Mount Aspiring National Park in the community of Makarora. It’s a veritable Eden of steep chutes, jagged cliffs and giant powder bowls. But technically, it’s only open to experts competing in the annual World Heli Challenge in August. Technically. Meaning you can also do it now. Meaning... yay.

So it’s off to rendezvous with the Southern Lakes guys. They’re the only Kiwis who have access to this territory. They’ll meet you at your hotel and drive you to the chopper. You’ll get in. You’ll say something like “Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.” Or maybe just “Hey guys.”

After being whisked into the air and promptly deposited into a wonderland of snow, you’ll then begin the harrowing process of pioneering your way down into the great white unknown. It’ll be glorious. Like you’re the Columbus of heli-skiing or something.

We’ll also accept Magellan.

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