Lava Actually

Volcano BBQs and Monster Trucks in Iceland

None You can go ahead and retire your grill now.

You’ve got something better to cook your steaks on.

It’s a volcano in the middle of Iceland.

You see...

It’s time for A Journey Through Iceland’s Wild Interior, a four-day trip where you’ll drive monster trucks, snowmobile in tandem across the Langjökull ice cap, get lowered into a volcano and, yes, barbecue with lava, taking reservations now.

First off, your guide’s name is Thor. Because of course his name is Thor. He’s exactly the kind of grizzly Nordic wingman you need when you’re scaling a wall of solid ice. Or, you know, seeing what the inside of a volcano looks like. And that’s pretty much your agenda for day one.

From there, it’s anything from finding out what kind of damage a Formula 1 monster truck can do to off-roading in a Super Jeep across black sand beaches. And when you get hungry, you’ll stop at a boiling magma hole and cook a steak over some lava (maybe bring some really long tongs).

But should you find yourself needing a break from laughing at death, hit the Blue Lagoon spa. It’s a giant thermal pool in the middle of a lava field.

All the best ones are.

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