The Lovely Jones

An Online Vault of Supremely Rare Books

You owe your appreciation of good books to three people:

1) Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.
2) LeVar Burton, host and producer of Reading Rainbow.
3) Ron Burgundy, master amateur librarian.

Today, you’ll honor their efforts in the only appropriate way: by reading absolutely everything electronically.

Well, and by procuring some valuable pieces of literature.

Clear some prime shelf real estate for The Jones Brothers, a museum-worthy virtual bookstore of rare first editions and other sought-after literary masterworks, online now.

This works just like any bookstore... that specializes in impossible-to-find reading material. You peruse the inventory. You admire that 1903 printing of The Call of the Wild. You reminisce about your last reading of The Old Man and the Sea. You wonder who the hell tracked down the first edition of almost every James Bond novel—that would be Charlie Jones, the brother/Cambridge scholar/resident pagemaster in charge around here.

But maybe your library’s already at max leather-bound capacity. In that case, consider their coffee-table-friendly options. Like Bert Stern’s famous Marilyn Monroe photos. Or Hugh Hefner’s six-volume autobiography, which comes with a small piece of Hef’s silk pajamas. (For... bookmarking purposes, probably.)

Equally useful: they’ll happily help connect you with a buyer for any old priceless books you have lying around.

So much easier than a yard sale.

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