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Cold Beers and Patio Brunches on South Lamar

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Today, we’d like to tell you a story.

It’s about drinking beers. And eating burgers. And occupying sunny patios.

Right, so it’s a feel-good story.

And it’s about Full Circle Tavern, a little red building with cold beers, hot sandwiches and a patio you’ll enlist for vigorous springtime brunching, slated to open Tuesday on South Lamar.

Assuming you’re not opposed to relaxing with a beer in hand, well, you’re probably going to like it here. Because here you can hang out at dark wooden tables and booths fashioned from old skating-rink benches. Which seems like a fine place for settling down with an Italian beef sandwich and a frosty pint.

Now, one day soon, you might be heading straight for the Palladium when, sure, a preshow drink sounds great, thanks. That’s when you’ll step inside and beeline for the bar. Hey, the top’s inlaid with pebbles. That’s fun. But more relevant to your current mission, it’s housing locals from Deep Ellum and Peticolas.

And because the weather’s been teetering between nice and really nice (well, minus today), you’ll be happy to know that those black garage doors open up to a wraparound patio. A patio that’ll start serving you brunch next month.

We’re pretty confident you’ll still be into brunch next month.


Full Circle Tavern
1319 S Lamar St
Dallas, TX, 75215


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