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Renting Your Golf Clubs by Mail

None Warby Parker. Netflix. The library.

All built on one simple idea: you borrow something, you return it, and... actually, that’s about it.

Anyway, kind of surprising someone hasn’t done it for golf. Oh hey, look at that...

Say hello to Golf Redefined, a Netflix-style rental service for golf clubs, online now.

Golf clubs by mail. That’s this in a nutshell. Request a fancy driver. Retrieve said driver from mailbox. (Possible middle step: procure bigger mailbox.) Put the driver to the test, and if it’s up to your standards, buy it. If it’s not, exchange it and try a new one. Next thing you know, you’re being fitted for a green blazer at Augusta. (Or at least fixing your slice.)

The process begins, as these things do, on the Internet. Head to their site, and choose a membership level. Then, peruse their inventory: you’ve got Pings, Callaways, TaylorMades, Titleists—you know, the good stuff—all with detailed notes on their power, accuracy, feel, playability and style. The process ends, as these things do, with you shooting an excellent 18 holes at Sawgrass.

Sadly, they don’t make this for golf pants.

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