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Wine and Dash

A New Wine- and Beer-Making Spot in Decatur

None You should plan one of those wine trips.

You know, the ones where you go and make your own wine somewhere beautiful. Like Napa. Or Decatur. Maybe Italy.

Right. We just said Decatur, didn’t we...

Sharpen your corkscrews for the Wine Workshop and Brew Center, a homey little shop that’s providing you with the hops to make IPAs and the grape juice to make Australian whites, opening Thursday in Decatur.

Wine is made here. So it’s technically a winery. And homebrewing ingredients are sold here. So it’s technically somewhere that... has that stuff, too. It’s all pretty laid-back, really. Just some shelves full of beer and wine kits, a huge work counter and a few people who want to teach you how to make alcohol.

Stop by on a Saturday morning when you want your free time to result in homemade beer. They’ve got barley. Base grains. Everything you need. Except for the equipment, that is. You’ll be doing the actual brewing elsewhere.

But wine... Wine you can make in-house. The kits are categorized by white and red varietals, so pick one (malbec, pinot gris...). Then you’ll pour the juice into a fermenting container, add some oak chips and sprinkle yeast on top. About a month later, you’ve got 30 bottles of labeled wine on your hands.

And probably at least one botched batch of beer.


Wine Workshop and Brew Center
627 E College Ave
Decatur, GA, 30030

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