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Buying a lamp: not super-exciting.

Throwing a wild warehouse party with a bunch of beautiful women brandishing blowtorches, in the same place you’ll maybe buy a lamp: so much better.

Flip down your protective visor for Westin Mitchell Design Group, a huge, crazy cavern of private partying and custom furniture-ing—now open by appointment and available for your next blowout.

On some level, yes, this place is a Downtown furniture store. You could come here for modern-industrial stuff that would survive the apocalypse (or your friends coming over). Think: lamps made with steel cogs, or a heavy-duty crank table—yes, the crank works, and it’ll make the table higher. If you don’t see what you want, they’ll make it for you—the time for a crank ottoman is now.

But this space is huge. There’s a bar lit up from within. Random brick and tile and machinery everywhere. Five minutes in, you’ll want to throw a party here—so sure, they’re happy to let you rent the place out and do that. We assume you’ll want to book some burlesque girls who aren’t afraid of blowtorches—so you should know that their opening party had a bunch of comely welders (yes, we just said “comely welders”), and they can make the necessary introductions.

Good blowtorch girls are hard to find.


Westin Mitchell Design Group
737 Kohler St
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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