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A Downtown Shop with Couches and Playboys

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A quick checklist of must-haves for any shop you enter:

—Leather mid-century couches
—At least one owner who has been on reality television
—Vintage Playboys
—Brick-sized soap
—“European sports car” room spray

Well, looks like you’re shopping at exactly one store for the rest of your life...

Put your feet up on the shiny rugged splendor of Hammer and Spear, a handsome general store that’s nothing like a general store, opening Friday in Downtown.

So you could sort of call this place a furniture store—but that would be sort of like calling Mozza a neighborhood pizza joint. Sure, they’ve got upscale Southern flea market finds like couches, tables and lamps, which will especially come in handy if you want your living room to look more like a ’50s hunting lodge.

But as you might’ve picked up on, the owners are also into... other stuff. Like arrowheads, dog collars and, sure, okay, a deck of playing cards designed by Shepard Fairey. (One can never have too many decks of playing cards designed by Shepard Fairey.) And yes, you—well maybe not you, but people out there in general—have seen one of the founders hosting the TV show Design on a Dime.

The products here are slightly more expensive.


Hammer and Spear
255 S Santa Fe Ave #101
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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