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The Social House. It’s Back.

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Way back in 2010, there lived a bar named the Social House.

You used to convene there for drinks after catching a movie at the Magnolia.

But then it packed up, moved to Addison and broke your heart. You swore you’d never go to another bar again. A promise you broke a day later.

Well, anyway, guess who’s come crawling back...

Get reacquainted with The Social House, an inviting habitat you’ll frequent for beers on the patio, beers by the fire, beers on the second patio and... hopefully, some food, now open in Uptown.

The scene here: pretty relaxed. Exposed brick, dark wood, black leather, a roaring fire... you know, that sort of place. The bar’s stocked with 100 drafts, and the menu’s stocked with the kinds of pulled-pork nachos and wood-fired pizzas that come in handy when you’re faced with 100 drafts.

So tonight, drop by for a little practice session. Shake the rust off. Get a burger, a beer, another beer. Good, now you’re all primed for tomorrow. That’s when you’ll return, park yourself near the 123-inch projection screen and summon a Community Vienna Lager just as Gonzaga’s tipping off. Around halftime, you’ll probably be ready for some Guinness-braised short ribs. Nice timing on that.

Oh, and starting in a couple of weekends, brunch service is happening. Which means steak benedict and bottomless mimosas are imminent.

Start mentally preparing yourself now.


The Social House
2708 Routh St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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