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New Gear from a Rag & Bone Cofounder

None Tomorrow: the first official day of spring.

Meaning time is running out for you to do two important things:

1) Use “I’m really happy spring is almost here” in small talk.
2) Procure some impeccable new wearable things in time for spring.

Here to help with number two: Jardine, a new line of clean and sleek habiliments from a Rag & Bone cofounder, launching online today.

It’s all from one man, Nathan Bogle. Maybe you know his ex, Natalie Portman. You definitely know his last project, Rag & Bone. But he knows something you don’t: how to make a pair of cotton trousers so inspiring, you start referring to your pants as trousers.

The philosophy here: simplicity. White single-button suits Tom Wolfe would have mastered if he were a half-century younger. Black leather jackets that are just... black leather jackets. See: simplicity.

So this spring, have a picnic. Stroll around a museum. Drive a motorcycle or some other top-free vehicular device. Doesn’t really matter, you’ll just want to do it in this stuff. Selection is currently limited, but look around the site for a glimpse of the abstract graphic T-shirts and hot-pink pants you’ll grace the office with soon.

And by office, we mean probably not the office.

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