Sound Off

Blasting Music with a Bison Horn

None The speakers on your smartphone: not so great.

Especially when you’re trying to appreciate the work of Hugh Anthony Cregg III (aka Huey Lewis).

Let’s fix that. With the help of some Oregon trees. And a bison horn.

Meet the Volta Sound Block, a no-electricity-required iPhone noise amplifier that will make masterpieces like “I Want a New Drug” sound a lot better, available online now.

This is a desk artifact/conversation starter that, on its own, is pretty beautiful. It’s handcrafted using Northwest alder trees from the creators’ native Oregon, and it’s hollow on the inside to naturally beef up sound.

So next time that new intern gives you a “play some music” look, pull out your phone and call up a song. Slide it in against the Pendleton Woolen Mills wool that lines the slot (prevents scratching) and let the melodies emerge amplified through the smooth bison horn.

About that horn: it attaches to the wood base using super-strong magnets. Meaning, you can take it off when traveling, or direct its curvature upward to hear your music with a little more precision.

The journey from the bathroom back to your office sometimes calls for tunes.

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