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An Underwater Safari in Arctic Canada

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Hey, you look like you could use a nice, long, relaxing weekend.

That, or a hot-air-balloon trip to the Arctic for a little... brisk scuba diving.

Let’s take a look behind door #2, shall we:

Pick your finest wetsuit up from the cleaners for the Arctic Canada Dive Adventure, a four-day scuba escapade that may or may not begin and end with you joyriding in a big, colorful balloon, taking reservations now for April and beyond.

This is basically a choose-your-own-adventure approach to the Arctic. Come up with a bucket list and there you go: scuba diving under a sheet of ice. Dog sledding. Ice fishing. Hot-air ballooning. Just say the word.

It all begins in Iqaluit, an Inuit city three hours north of Ottawa by plane. You’ll meet your guide at the airport. You’ll say, “How’s it going?” He’ll say, “Get into my snowmobile-powered sled. We’re going diving.” Do it. Or just take a quickie balloon ride over to the first dive site instead. Either way, you’re about to cannonball into subfreezing water.

And when you’re not underwater mingling with narwhals or whatever, maybe try your hand at dog sledding. Build an igloo or something. Whenever you’re ready, just summon your steed (it’s the hot-air balloon) and gaze at the vast expanse below before heading back to Iqaluit.

The propane should help you dry off.


Arctic Canada Dive Adventure
via Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions
Iqaluit, Nunavut
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