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Igloo Hopping and Skiing in Subarctic Sweden

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Sleeping in an igloo.

Some people get so excited about sleeping in an igloo.

Oh, and speaking of... you’re one of those people now.

Because here comes the Sapmi Ski Tour, a nine-day powder fest turned survival camp through a desolate stretch of subarctic Sweden where your only defense against vast expanses of cold, powdery snow will be... igloos made of cold, powdery snow, taking reservations now for March 23 and beyond.

To be clear, this isn’t some leisurely furlough through the Nordic countryside. Nay, this is a harrowing odyssey where you’ll traverse the Sapmi wilderness on skis, cook your own meals and stop in remote villages that may or may not be inhabited by Vikings (although we’re leaning toward “may not”).

After hopping a train from Oslo to Ljungdalen, Sweden, you’ll clamp on some cross-country planks and begin... planking your way across an endless, snow-blanketed plateau, with the Jämtland Mountains sneering down at you. Along the way... who knows. Ice fishing. Impromptu sauna soaking. It’s all a possibility. Just take it in and roll with it. You’re in Sweden.

From there, it’s a full week of mettle-testing cross-country skiing. Oh... right. You’ll have the option of sleeping indoors. Decline that option. Then go ahead and build yourself an igloo (your guide will show you how) and sleep in that instead.

Comfort isn’t going anywhere.

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