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Okay, here’s the deal. A new dance club has opened on Pacific Ave. It’s called Le Vú. There’s thumping bass and pulsing lights and lines of short dresses waiting to get in... You should really see for yourself. But first, you should really read this. It’s our notes on the scene. It’s kinda important.

There’s a vintage-Paris-meets-Miami club vibe. The Paris part: a Napoleon painting near the entrance, a Victor Hugo quote etched into the bar, exposed brick walls and antique mirrors. The Miami part: neon icicle lights.

The white-and-gold DJ booth resembles a Fabergé egg. Only not as fragile, so go ahead... continue to dance like a bull in a Fabergé-egg shop.

You’ve got two bars to choose from. For the quickest service, try the four-sided white-topped bar in front. It’s a surface area thing.

Or just do bottle service. Reserve an elevated table. Signal over some Dom. Be careful not to catch a stray sparkler in the eye. You know how this all works.

Be kind to your neighbor. She’s a go-go dancer. Ah, so that’s what the platform next to your table is for.

You could always come here for Valentine’s Day. They’re going to start doing theme parties soon. Like this Thursday, when the club will be stocked with beds, a chocolate fountain and Cupid.

Yes, the Cupid.


Le Vu
2505 Pacific Ave
(at N Hawkins St)
Dallas, TX, 75226


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