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Sweden: Meatballs. Volvos. ABBA. Blondes. And...tailor-made shirts.

Breaking free of the safe cars and attractive people stereotype that Swedes have been cruelly subjected to for decades, offers an idea that's one step short of IKEA in simple effectiveness: an easy way to get high quality tailor-made shirts at Hong Kong prices.

You start by submitting your well-earned measurements and selecting a fabric. There are pre-fab designs, but being a man of unique character and individuality, you'll customize your own instead. Choose from eight kinds of collars, including a priest-like band collar (consider avoiding this collar unless you're attending an exorcism). Pick your cuffs and even your gusset (don't panic if you don't know what a gusset is—neither do we, but there are handy explanations at every step). Specify how tight you want your fit (please, for all of our sakes—not too tight), punch in your credit card, and you're done...all for less than eighty bucks.

Tailorcut coordinates your order with their tailor in Asia, and a few short weeks later, your made-to-measure shirt arrives. In the meantime, amuse yourself by reading the Swedish-flavored FAQs on their "right to regret" policy.

Regret: Something that the country that spawned Ace of Base should know a little something about.

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