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The Best Use of LinkedIn... Ever

None Your office.

Busy place, that place. Lot of distractions.

Interns. Office-chair-karaoke-limbo-lunch-break-dance-party-offs. Not to mention all the websites that allow you to see who’s been secretly trying to proposition you.

Actually, there’s just one of those...

And it’s Bang With Professionals, a new website that uses LinkedIn to connect you with social network acquaintances in... whatever capacity you’re both comfortable with, in beta now.

Until this moment, you’ve used LinkedIn to network with people in your industry. Fine. Fair enough. But from now on, consider using it for a different purpose. A more self-fulfilling purpose. One that involves becoming more than work friends with your work friends. And doing it in the least subtle way possible (just... it’s called “Bang With Professionals”).

A few reasons why you might use this: 1) Sussing out someone to share a room key with during the next company retreat to St. Simons Island. 2) Valentine’s Night is coming up quick. Time to get the ball rolling. 3) Friday night is coming up even quicker. Time to get the ball rolling even quicker.

So... log on. When you do, you’ll see a list of all your LinkedIn contacts. Click on the profile of someone you’ve been noticing. Or would like to notice more. They’ll never know unless the feeling is mutual and they’ve also clicked on your profile. That’s when you’ll get an email saying so.

All emails should be that productive.

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