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A Lakeside Bi-Patio Beer Cabin

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It’s 70 degrees. It’s balmy. Coats are going into storage.

Yup, this is February. This is winter.

Now, let’s go find a patio and crack open a few cold ones.

Welcome to Lake House Bar and Grill, an airy new home for crab cake lunches, late-night pints and generally feeling like you’re relaxing on the water, now open near White Rock.

If you’ve got a predilection for enjoying adult beverages amidst assorted maritime knickknacks, well, you’re going to like it here. There are weathered hurricane shutters on the walls, retractable glass garage doors for coaxing cross-breezes and a vaulted sky-blue ceiling above the bar that’s home to a couple of taxidermied waterfowl. Oh, right, and there are adult beverages.

Now, picture this. You’ve just claimed a seat on the front patio and summoned a plate of Cajun-battered calamari and a Shiner. Not bad. You could probably stay in this spot all night (they’re open until 2am). But you won’t. Because there’s another patio out back. Just saunter past that big three-sided bar. Notice the landscape painting on your right, the white wooden benches toward the back, and then, there she is: patio numero dos.

The play back here: pecan-infused bourbon cocktails, icy margaritas, fish tacos...

You know, your summertime/February favorites.


Lake House Bar & Grill
7510 E Northwest Hwy
(at W Lawther Dr)
Dallas, TX, 75214


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