Honorable Charge

Giving Your Phone Eternal Life

None Remember that one time at that one Super Bowl when the power went out for like 35 minutes...

That was funny.

Oh, and speaking of power, here’s an endless source of it for your phone.

Come, bear witness to The Voltmaker, a pocket-sized wireless charger that uses kinetic energy to Weird Science your iThings back to life whether you’re in the middle of the woods—or the middle of the Super Bowl—now in the final stages of R&D and available online soon.

Picture one of those New Year’s Eve noisemaker things. You know, the kind that spins around on a stick and makes “weeee” sounds. This is like that. Except it charges your iPhone instead of making people think of creative ways to physically harm you.

So go ahead and sign up for release updates on the website. Shouldn’t be long now. Just enough time for you to plan some kind of off-the-grid vacation. Like a camping trip or a sailing pilgrimage or a New Orleans power plant tour.

Then, when the inevitable happens, whip this thing out, attach it to your phone and give it a spin. It’ll produce enough kinetic electricity to keep things running pretty much indefinitely.

Or at least until you get tired of spinning it around.

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