Seed Is Good

A NorCal Handsome Factory Goes Online

None Look down.

Yep, that’s a torso.

Now look further down.

Yep, those are legs.

Congratulations... you’re the perfect candidate for some new clothes.

Specifically, the kind you’ll find at Seedstore, a San Francisco–based garment slinger that would rather die than see you not looking infinitely more handsome than everyone else everywhere, online now for the first time since its brick-and-mortar debut in 2010.

What you have here is a munitions depot for the successful navigation of the remaining winter months.

Wool blazers and shawl-collar cardigans and military jackets and burgundy leather boots. The kind of gear that says, “Damn, I’m some really good-looking gear.” And then maybe says, “Too much? I’m not trying to be all narcissistic. I just think I was constructed really well and would potentially make you a better person just for wearing me.”

It’s right, you know. Those Gant herringbone pants wouldn’t lie to you. Neither would all those Penfield plaid button-downs and dark calf-leather shoes from H by Hudson. Just hop online and roll around in the stuff for a while.

And then stop rolling around and maybe get a shirt or something.

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