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40 Drafts and 10 Flat-Screens in Mockingbird Station

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Next year, you’ll vow to do a few things differently.

Like rediscover mornings. Consolidate your tax shelters. Learn to stir martinis with your off hand.

But eating fewer burgers... nah.

So behold Mockingbird Taproom, a sprawling lair for drinking draft beers and eating burgers while the game’s on, soft-opening this weekend in Mockingbird Station.

What you’ve got here is a laid-back spot with hardwood floors and brick pillars. A place where all matters of after-work recovery and weeknight hangouts are solved via 40 draft beers, 10 flat-screens and burgers smothered in brisket chili.

Your best bet: coming here soon for a pint and a Mavs game. Grab a wood-and-steel bar stool and gaze lovingly at the row of taps before deciding on something local, say, a Lakewood Lager. Linger there awhile, then about-face and claim a leather bench. That’ll be the perfect spot to set up camp for a pulled-pork, chorizo and bacon sandwich and some incredibly hot wings that require you sign a waiver. (Seriously. Bring your attorney.)

And since winter’s playing hard to get, you might as well check out the patio with a Peticolas pint in hand. Just hang out, relax and observe all those people shopping across the street.

Remind them you’ve been extra good this year.


Mockingbird Taproom
5319 E Mockingbird Ln
(at N Central Expy)
Dallas, TX, 75206


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