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A Bowling Alley with Cocktails and Quail

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Close your eyes and picture it.

You’re lounging on a leather chesterfield banquette. You’re eating a plate of fresh oysters. You’re drinking a glass of neat bourbon.

Nice... real nice.

Just sit back, kick your feet up and... look at your funny shoes.

Oh, right, you’re in a bowling alley.

Say hello to Bowl & Barrel, a handsome warehouse filled with 15 lanes, whiskey-spiked cocktails and food you actually want to eat, now open in the Shops at Park Lane.

So, yes, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of every other bowling alley in town. They’ve traded fluorescent lights and vending machines for brick walls, exposed wood beams and black leather. Plus, there’s the menu. It’s got food from Sharon Hage (York Street), cocktails from Ian Reilly (the People’s Last Stand) and beer from... well, probably some brewers.

Now, let’s say you’re in the neighborhood, fresh off a holiday-shopping bender, and you want to blow off some steam by bowling/eating fried quail. That can be arranged. Just step inside, grab a lane, run through your stretching regimen and then do what comes naturally. Like summoning a Rudolph’s bologna melt on rye and bowling a few frames.

Or maybe bowling’s not your thing (it’s the shoes). No problem. Just veer behind the arched windows to your right, claim a seat at the dark brown bar top and relax as pins break majestically in the background.

Ah, the sweet sound of 7-10 splits.


Bowl & Barrel
8084 Park Ln
(at N Central Expy)
Dallas, TX, 75231


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