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Cyber Monday: A User’s Guide

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday... actually, that’s today. Which means that the entire Internet is currently on sale. Which means it’s time to kick back in that office chair of yours and get clicking. Hard. Herewith: the only online sales that matter.

UD - 40% Off Blazer-y Handsomeness

40% Off Blazer-y Handsomeness

Pinstripe blazers from Universal Works. Fleece vests from Norse Projects. Your wallet with more money in it. These are all glorious things. The common denominator: Wittmore. Because you’re about to pay 40% less than you normally would for almost everything in there through Friday. Thanks, Internet.

UD - Yep. It’s a Lingerie Sale.

Yep. It’s a Lingerie Sale.

Kiki de Montparnasse makes lingerie. The kind of lingerie that would make a really good gift for anyone who needs some new lingerie. And now that we’ve ruled out... almost no one, allow us to direct your attention to their Cyber Monday sale. We trust you know what to do with it.

Kiki de Montparnasse, Nov 26 only, 20% off the site’s collections section with code “KIKILOVE,” sweat the small stuff here

UD - Winterproof Gear. It Costs Less Here.

Winterproof Gear. It Costs Less Here.

What you’re experiencing right now is what meteorologists call “cold weather.” And you have a few choices for dealing with this: 1) Scotch. 2) Scotch. 3) Terry knit shawl sweaters and charcoal quilted button-downs from Wings + Horns. All fine options, but only one is 25% off through Wednesday. Hint: it’s not scotch. 

UD - 25% Off Jeans, Belts and Everything Else

25% Off Jeans, Belts and Everything Else

There’s this place in Charleston. Goes by the name Indigo & Cotton. And you can get things there that make you a better human being. The selvage jeans are Raleigh Denim. The claw-buckle belts are Billykirk. And the amount of currency you’ll be exchanging for them is borderline criminal. Borderline.

Indigo & Cotton, 25% off all full-price items through Nov 28 with code “URBANDADDY,” come sale away here

UD - Ties, Boots... Wiffle Balls: 25% Off

Ties, Boots... Wiffle Balls: 25% Off

It behooves you to take a virtual stroll through Hickoree’s Hard Goods. It’ll pay off with anything from suede moccasin boots from Rancourt & Co. to damn wiffle balls. Seriously, it’s like Wes Anderson and recess exploded in there. And (you guessed it) everything’s 25% off. At least we assume you guessed it.

Hickoree’s Hard Goods, Nov 26 only with code “UDCYBERMONDAY,” shop smarter and harder here

Perk Alert: Cyber Monday isn’t the end. Tomorrow at Perks, you can spend $60 and get $100 worth of The Hill-side ties, scarves and so on at Hickoree’s.

UD - Paying a Lot Less for Leather Things

Paying a Lot Less for Leather Things

Ghurka. You know Ghurka. They make bags. Specifically, the kind of walnut leather and khaki twill bags that make you want to sing Journey songs while riding a flaming griffin through the Azores (or just, like, buy one). And look at that, their whole site is 25% off right now. That worked out. 

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