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They make a damn good cocktail. They have even helped man survive (see: Island, Gilligan’s).

But maybe their best function: helping you stay warm this winter.

No, really.

Welcome to the Nau Pop-Up, a temporary enclave of coconut-filled jackets, jib-flattering chinos and the occasional titanium chopstick, now open through mid-January in the Back Bay.

Picture the old Ed Hardy space. Now swap out the trucker hats and tiger-y wall tattoos with aluminum sheet metal, reclaimed wood and iron-pipe racks that have been handmade by a woman in Maine. Welcome to this.

On those racks: handsome, breathable jackets, hoodies and sweaters made with fabrics like wool, recycled waterproof polyester and, yes, even coconut-stuff for insulation. When layered with their high-grade goose down, the result is lightweight, high-performance outerwear good for road cycling and business-casual Fridays alike (or just when it’s cold).

They also carry button-downs and smartly cut chinos. Oh, and starting this week, they’ll be stocked with stove and pot sets, titanium travel chopsticks and other outdoorsy accoutrements from a Japanese mountaineering company. If you can’t find them in the store, just ask for a guy named Ponch, who runs the place.

Which is pretty much perfect.


Nau Pop-Up
328 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02115


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