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Alton Lane 3D Suit-Fitting, by the Numbers

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We’re betting you’ve walked through a head-to-toe body scanner at the airport. Or the White House. Well, if you’ve ever done that and said to yourself, “This would be a great way to get fitted for a suit,” then you’re going to like Alton Lane, the city’s first suit shop that uses 3D imaging technology, now open in the Back Bay. Here’s the relevant data.

Floor Alton Lane is located on: 2
Elevators you’ll opt for instead of taking the stairs: 1
Number of beers on tap at the consultation bar: 1
Bourbons also available there: at least 2
Cost for drinking while suit-creating: $0
Dimensions taken by full body scanner: 3
Chances it’ll ever add a fourth dimension: 1 in 954,867,993 (estimated)
Percentage of nakedness you’ll display while being scanned: 95 (you’ll strip down to your underwear)
Wall-mounted rhinoceros heads staring at your near-nakedness: 1
Seconds required to stand still: 20
Cameras used to create your 3D image: 16
Measurements taken by hand after your exact dimensions are recorded: 12
Fabrics you’ll choose from to create your masterpiece: 3,500
Weeks you’ll wait for your suit to be delivered from the factory in China: 4 to 6
Chances this will be the nicest suit you’ve ever created via 3D technology: 100%

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