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D2: The Mighty Ducks Are Back taught you so long ago: Greenland is ice, and Iceland is green.

But it turns out you can’t always trust the geographical precision of Disney-produced hockey films. Iceland’s got ice.

For instance...

Put on something Nordic for Kvíar Ski Lodge Adventure, a six-day ski odyssey through the backcountry fjords of Iceland, taking reservations now for April trips.

If there’s one thing you know about Iceland, it’s Björk. If there’s another thing, it’s that crazy volcano with the name no one could pronounce. But if there were yet a third thing (and there’s not), it would be fjords—those majestic inlets of the sea formed by glaciated valleys. Turns out, those are pretty great for a rugged brand of skiing. And that’s what you’ve got going here.

Your home base here is a farmhouse in Kvíar, but the real soul of the trip will be Bjarnarnes—she’s the speedboat that’ll take you out to your run each day. From her, you’ll access everything from the mountainous ridges of Kjaransvíkurskarð to the coves of Lónafjörður fjord.

Oh, and the penalty for mispronunciation in Iceland is death.

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