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Your Last-Minute Halloween Party Spots

Your Halloween costume is looking especially scary this year. Yup, you really nailed the essence of the Cowboys season. So now, just one thing remains: a place to wear it. Herewith, five of those. That should suffice.

It’s a Costume Ball at Three Sheets

It’s a Costume Ball at Three Sheets

Yes, you enjoy free cocktails. And sure, you’ll gladly accept an extra $500. Find both at Three Sheets. The gratis drinks go from 7 to 9pm, and the money, well, that’s a direct result of your contest-winning Halloween costume. So make it memorable. Maybe something with sheets...

Watching Halloween. On Halloween.

Watching <i>Halloween</i>. On Halloween.

As far as Halloween icons go, that Michael Myers is tough to beat. He’s got the requisite scary mask. The knife. That impossibly-slow-yet-effective stalk. And now, his own tribute at the Texas Theatre. So stop in for a screening, then stay for drinks and a costume contest. Something Jamie Lee Curtis–related, perhaps.

An Evening of Black Cocktails

An Evening of Black Cocktails

On Halloween, everything gets a little spookier. The pumpkins: jack-o’-lanterns. The cats: demonic. Your cocktails: mysteriously black. Like the ones at J. Black’s. They’re made with Blavod vodka (which is, yup, black). So there’s that. Also, they’ll have a photo booth. Which is great. If you’re not a vampire.

Oct 31, 8pm, J. Black’s, 2409 N Henderson Ave, 214-613-2525

Cocktails and Playboy Bunnies on Main

Cocktails and Playboy Bunnies on Main

Hef: now there’s a guy who knows how to party. And tonight, the Chesterfield’s channeling one of his soirees with waitresses dressed as Playboy bunnies and cocktails with names like The Centerfold. So you’ll definitely want to wear your silk robe. Costume be damned. It just feels great against your skin.

Dancing, Drinking and Daybeds

Dancing, Drinking and Daybeds

Here’s that Halloween rave you’ve been looking for. It’s happening at Sisu, and it’s got DJ Frankie Bones (tremendous name). Costume up and do some dancing/glow-stick-waving with the crowd, or call ahead to reserve a private cabana/daybed. Then, cover it with candy corn. Just because you can.

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