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Sinister Places to Party on Halloween

Halloween. In a matter of 21 days, it’ll be here. And if you’re still looking for somewhere to raise hell/the undead, we’ve got you covered. Below, five private party spaces rumored to be haunted. Remember, it’s not a party unless someone goes home possessed by the devil.

The Ellis Hotel

The Ellis Hotel

Legend has it: A fire almost burned down the 15-story hotel in 1946. Staffers say the basement walls occasionally “cry.” Possible explanation: shoddy plumbing.
Tricks/treats: A balcony overlooking Peachtree Street, wine tastings and a private entrance.
For channeling: Nicholson in The Shining, Perkins in Psycho and Dunston in that movie where he checks in.

Smith Family Farm

Smith Family Farm

Legend has it: The poltergeists of an 1860s family still roam the Civil War–era plantation.
Tricks/treats: Period gardens, rustic outbuildings and an area for blacksmithing demonstrations (now we’re talking).
For channeling: Stonewall Jackson. And other incredibly named Civil War generals.

The New American Shakespeare Tavern

The New American Shakespeare Tavern

Legend has it: The rooms are clammy. The lights flicker. A spectral boy in a blue velvet suit frequents the dressing rooms.
Tricks/treats: Shepherd’s pie, whiskey and Irish beer served in Elizabethan-style goblets.
For channeling: Romeo, Juliet and various dead poets.

The Old Anthony’s Restaurant

The Old Anthony’s Restaurant

Legend has it: Annabelle, the deceased owner of this old mansion, still “lives” on the property and periodically taps guests. Come here for a weekend-after Halloween party and see for yourself.
Tricks/treats: Three recently renovated acres and one antebellum ballroom.
For channeling: A busboy, a butler and a 16-piece zombie band.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Legend has it: It’s an exact replica of the Disney Haunted Mansion (minus the screaming 8-year-olds). And it’s for sale.
Tricks/treats: A 10,000-square-foot manor with seven bedrooms and one giant hot tub.
For channeling: Ghouls, goblins and a cryogenically unfrozen/headless Walt Disney.

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