Overhead Win

A Kayak That Looks Like Luggage

None When you go on vacation, you pack luggage.

Couple pairs of socks. Some toothpaste. A kayak.

Pretty standard procedure, really.

Although you probably don’t need to worry about packing that last one anymore.

Mostly because your suitcase is already a kayak...

Clear the overhead bin for Oru: The Origami Kayak, a fully functional, class-5-rapid-slaying, foldable kayak cleverly disguised as a piece of luggage, available online any day now.

What you have here is... well, what you have here is exactly what we just said.

And once it finally comes to fruition (if all goes well, they’ll be shipping in a few weeks), you’ll hop online and claim one. Soon enough, a handsome and surprisingly design-y white case will arrive at your door. Don’t open that yet. Save that for Ecuador.

Or anywhere else you’ve always wanted to drop a foldable kayak into the water and do a few barrel rolls. You see, this thing is extremely lightweight (25 pounds). And extremely portable (it has a strap and everything). Which means you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything with it.

Just open up the case, begin the not-so-arduous five-minute task of transforming it into a kayak, and you’re done.

Except for the kayaking part.

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