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Poolside Cocktails at an Uptown Resort

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Sometimes a place comes along that just sort of sells itself.

And when we said sometimes, we really meant today.

And when we said sells itself, we really meant it’s got cocktails, cabanas and truffle fries.

On that note, you should meet Sisu Uptown Resort, a two-level bar/restaurant overflowing with drinks and poolside shenanigans, opening Monday.

Here’s what you’re working with: three bars, two stories and one pool. The kitchen’s making things you like. Ceviche and rib eyes come to mind. The members-only pool... well, consider that your prime people-watching spot. Or a vacation destination.

We’re confident you can find a reason to come here (but just in case you’re stumped, try: hunger/thirst/burning desire to lie on a chaise). And once you do, stroll over to the three-sided white marble bar. Pick up a prickly pear margarita or one of 25 wines, and take it down the hall and out back. There you’ll find circular beds for lounging and wood-slatted private cabanas for extra-serious lounging. Plus bottle service, a DJ and those truffle fries.

But if you’re feeling particularly very-important, you can always rent the upstairs VIP space. It’s got another bar, pink-and-white couches for sitting, starburst mirrors for admiring and a big dining table for whatever-ing. So, all the necessities for your next party.

Check that, your next Miami Vice–themed party.


Sisu Uptown Resort
2508 Maple Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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