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An App for Finding Pickup Basketball Games

None Today, you’re going to dunk over LeBron.

Okay, no, probably not. Not without a trampoline. Or a lot of steroids.

But we wanted to get your attention...

Because you’re about to start using orbiting satellites to find games of pickup basketball.

Say hello to InfiniteHoops, a GPS-powered iPhone app that locates currently active basketball courts, available now.

Okay, so just to be clear, this thing only works for finding pickup games. And for connecting you with the kind of people who typically run in them (yup, this is how White Men Can’t Jump 2 begins).

You’ll start by downloading the app. Open it up, check out the map, and if someone is out there playing half-court, horse or 5 on 5 (still talking about basketball here), you’ll receive a notification (plus an address).

Then, instead of waiting until you get to the court to call next, you’ll use this app to remotely check in. That way, by the time you arrive, you’ll basically be ready to play. And hustle. And win. And go to Sizzler.

Though you’ll need another app to find directions to that.

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