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Champagne: delicious.

Fried chicken: delicious.

Joining the two: logical.

We assume you’re thinking what we’re thinking...

Buddy cop movie.

Or, you know, tonight’s dinner.

Meet Max’s Wine Dive, a West Village sanctuary that’s pairing upscale comfort food with 150-plus wines (that should suffice), opening this evening.

First, some background: this place inhabits part of what used to be a Borders bookstore. So you may recognize... none of it. Because it’s been completely gutted. Where once stood rows of nonfiction, you’ll now find a really long bar and walls covered in wine bottles. (You know, as far as dives go, it’s not very divey.) Plus a menu of security blanket favorites (mac and cheese, shrimp and grits) and more interesting fare like... stuffed quail. And veal sweetbread pot pie.

Which means tonight, when you’ve got that increasingly common urge for fried chicken and something bubbly, you’ll claim a seat at the bar. It looks straight into the kitchen, so you can supervise the prep of your jalapeño-buttermilk-brined bird. Or something entirely different, like the pumpkin risotto. Either way, all that’s left: picking a beverage from the 150-bottle-strong wine list.

And speaking of the wine list, if you find a bottle you especially like, you’re in luck, because they’ll let you take it home, minus the upcharge.

We hear the 2012 Manischewitz is magnificent.


Max’s Wine Dive
3600 McKinney Ave, Ste 100
Dallas, TX, 75204


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