Dolo Mission

Après-Safari-ing in the Dolomites

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Safari: loaded word.

One that would imply adventure, exploration, big game.

Or in the case of an Italian ski safari: a cave stocked with wine.

That counts as big game in our book...

Presenting the Dolomites Ski Safari, a weeklong adventure in the Italian Dolomites with a wine-soaked private spa chalet to call home, taking reservations now.

So yes, it’s an Italian ski safari run by Swiss guides—a happy cultural convergence expressed in your accommodations: a chalet with its own masseuse (Swiss) and in-house wine cave (Italian). The animal-hide upholstery is more neutral.

When you’re not wine-cave dwelling, you’ll ski virgin backcountry powder through mysterious ice tunnels and (actual) caves. On your last days, you’ll head down into the medieval mountain town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, where you’ll mingle with European aristocrats and attempt to relive stunt sequences from a Bond movie—or hanging sequences from Cliffhanger—famously shot here. Tea is also a possibility.

For your finale, a helicopter will swoop in to pick you up and fly you over the Alps, dropping you onto Marmolada (the highest point in the Alps) for one last, climactic run leading back to your chalet.

It always leads back to the chalet.

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