Kung Fu Saloon

King of Kung

It’s a Bar. With an Arcade in It.

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The world is full of visionaries.

You’ve got your world leaders.

Your research scientists.

Your creators of the run-and-shoot offense.

And, more relevant to how you’ll spend tonight, your guys who look at a blank slate and think, “Hey, this would be a great spot for a bar with sake, skee-ball and a bunch of classic arcade games.”

Introducing Kung Fu Saloon, Uptown’s newest bar/game room that’s bringing 24 taps and 25-cent Mortal Kombat to Cedar Springs, now open.

You might know this place from Austin. Or Houston. Well, the third outpost of this alcohol-licensed arcade just hit Dallas. And with it: exposed brick walls lined with the same video games you played as a kid. Plus, a bunch of draft beer you legally weren’t allowed to drink as a kid.

So tonight, when it’s your turn to choose an after-work spot (or you’ve actually got a roll of quarters in your pocket), come here. Up the steps and straight to the U-shaped bar. Grab a Dogfish Head or something you’d drop sake into. And a Dank—that’s basically a bacon burger with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. (We see a nap in your future.)

And between bites, you’ve got your choice of 20 cup-holder-equipped arcade cabinets (think Donkey Kong, Galaga, Street Fighter II). Also, skee-ball, shuffleboard and something that goes by the name “giant Jenga.”

Sounds extremely dangerous.


Kung Fu Saloon
2911 Routh St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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