Kart Blanche

An Absurdly Light Swiss-Made Motorboat

None The Swiss.

Fine makers of cheese with holes.

Knives with toothpicks.

Banks with privacy.

And motorboats so light you can carry them over your head like you’re some sort of giant.

Yup, who knew.

Introducing Marine Kart, a lightweight boat with an outboard motor that’s easy to pick up and take to the nearest lake, available now.

Think of this like a go-cart that floats. A slender, motorized means of water transit that seats up to four people (or you, two ice chests and a cigar store Indian). Which means you can race your friends around White Rock. Start up a riverboat casino. Embark on a fishing expedition. Or do something else that’s nautical in nature. Like pillaging.

But first, you’ll need the boat. So here’s what you’ll do. Contact the stateside dealer in Georgia and request one. Maybe request two (his and hers). Good. Now just wait a few weeks for it to arrive. Great. Then, bend over, pick it up (all 120 pounds of it) and fling it over the roof of your car.

Unless your last name is Ver Magnússon.

Then, just carry it yourself.

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