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Date-night home checklist.

Candles: lit.

Bed: made.

Music: playing... albeit through your iPad, which adds a slight tinny effect to every song.

Sounds like you need a home-stereo overhaul. By way of a Boston-born store specializing in rugged threads, naturally.

Say hello to Ball and Buck Home Audio, basically what happens when a stylish menswear shop teams up with titans of the sound game, available now.

This is sort of like if the Gap joined forces with Blaupunkt, only much more high-end. And American. Think: custom tube amplifiers from Washington State, flawless turntables from Chicago, and full-range speakers and subwoofers by Blumenstein Audio out of Seattle (a city that takes its tunes seriously).

And since you like the things in your home to match, you’ll be happy to know that both of the bamboo wood finishes you can choose (caramelized, natural) are crafted in the home shop of Blumenstein’s master (his name is Carl), who mills, trims and assembles each casing by hand.

Which is key when blasting Foghat at 8am.


Ball and Buck Home Audio
144B Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02166


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