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Milk Bottles Filled with Moonshine-Spiked Wine

None Wine. Moonshine.

Two things you’d think would go terribly together.

But turns out, you’d be wrong/Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat would be right.

Opposites do in fact attract.

And also, they make a heck of a cocktail.

Behold Spodee, a rare Depression-era concoction of moonshine-fortified wine that’s being recreated and sold in old-fashioned glass milk bottles, available now.

Spiked, spiced wine in a milk bottle. That’s exactly what this is. Just like the kind of stuff they used to make back in the ’30s. Except then, it was typically conjured up in a backwoods home by anyone with paint thinner and some fermented grapes. And now, well, it’s being handled by the Hendrick’s/Sailor Jerry folk. So, yes, you can taste the difference.

There are two ways one can go about scoring some of this hooch: A) get in a car, drive to New Jersey and grab it off a store shelf, and B) (and this would be the preferred method) order it online for delivery.

In a few days, it’ll arrive at your door in one of those old-timey milk bottles. It’ll smell... like 70-year-old wine. Don’t let that scare you. This stuff is smooth. Sort of like wine meets gin meets mulled spices meets dark chocolate. Serve it over ice. In a cocktail. Or on your short ribs. Yup, apparently this stuff is good for cooking.

Though it may cause temporary blindness.

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