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A Wine Shop Turned Wine Bar

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Do one thing, and do it well.

Somebody said that once. And hey, it makes sense.

But if your one thing is owning a wine shop, and your second thing is opening a wine bar... then you’re free to completely ignore that piece of advice.

Raise a glass to Stoney’s Wine Lounge, a neighborhood vino shop that’s just unveiled an on-site wine bar, now open in Lakewood.

You recall Stoney’s. Friendly little store. Sells wine. Rents 58-degree lockers for storing said wine. Well, none of that’s changed. But the interior has. It’s now outfitted with dark wooden tables, a sofa, chairs and some orange-glowing lamps to drink by. If this all sounds super-comfortable... well, that’s because it is.

So you’re probably thinking “date spot.” And while the judges will certainly accept that, what they’re really looking for is “seductive Monday night drinks spot with someone who appreciates live jazz, chilled prosecco, whispered conversations and cheese boards.” Find that someone and go.

Or don’t find that someone and throw a party.

See, this place is also available for rent. Call them up, pick a time, and you and your guests will have the wine racks all to yourselves.

Those wine racks never stood a chance.


Stoney’s Wine Lounge
6038 Oram St
Dallas, TX, 75206


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