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The World’s Finest Lobster, Delivered

None You’re no expert, but you know the following about lobster:

1) It’s a large marine crustacean.
2) You’re happier when you’re eating it than when you’re not.
3) There’s a big pot of boiling water in your kitchen that doesn’t have any in it.

Number three.

Number three is a problem.

The solution: Lobster Delivery from Robinson’s Prime Reserve, your first and only shot at stockpiling godforsaken quantities of Nova Scotia lobster from the same guys who once kept the Nobel Prize banquets in comestibles, available now on Perks.

Robinson’s. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe not. But to be clear, they do meat. The kind of meat that graced the tables of six US presidents, a royal family or two and the occasional Martha Stewart. So yeah, they’ve got stripes.

But that was then and this is lobster. You see, recently they’ve turned their attention to the pristine waters of Nova Scotia. Yes, this is where lobsters go to be amazing. And yes, you’re about to have a bunch of them overnighted to your door.

Your options are threefold: two eight-ounce packages of claw and knuckle meat, four tails, or four half lobsters. Or you could quit screwing around and get everything. Either way, it’s available on Perks and it’s only the right thing to do.

Eating it: also the right thing to do.


Lobster Delivery from Robinson’s Prime Reserve

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