Kall of the Wild

Racing a Porsche in the Swedish Wilds

None 5 Photos Ice Driving via Quintessentially Escape
Stop us if this is a repeat from last winter:

It’s 10 below. You’re power sliding in a German sports car across Scandinavian ice fields, a helicopter giving chase as you drift between snowbanks.

We notice you haven’t stopped us yet...

Behold Ice Driving via Quintessentially Escape, a four-day supercar driving school on the frozen ice fields of Scandinavia, taking reservations now for January.

One reason to enlist: improving your winter driving skills (the drift, the slalom, the all-important power slide) in a controlled, Arctic setting under the tutelage of pro ice-drivers (yes, they exist). Another: to rehearse your getaway for when you finally elope with the Princess of Latvia. (It won’t be easy.)

Behind the reins of your steed—Porsche 911s, Audi Quattros kitted with snow tread tires and the like—you’ll navigate a wooded obstacle course on the frozen lakes of Kall, while a helicopter films your drive (useful for technique review, or situation realism).

But if convertibles and scenery suit you better, you’ll cut your training with a leisurely snowmobile safari in search of the northern lights.

Also useful for helicopter evasion.

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