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You’ve got three days between now and Monday night.

Or roughly 4,320 minutes to go on a bunch of dates, eat a bunch of small plates and pretend to be a good listener.

Because after that, we need you to refocus.

Yup, gigantic draft-beer-and-flat-screen-filled bar incoming.

Presenting Park Tavern, an enormous exposed-brick hall of tap brew and upscale pub food, opening Monday in the Shops at Park Lane.

They call it a tavern, but it looks more like a fortress. A big, colossal, pint-housing castle. The kind of place that’ll be a strong contender for your de facto just-got-out-of-work-and-require-a-beer-and-cheeseburger refuge. Or a tequila cocktail and a salmon taco. Your call.

So on Monday, you’ll step through the doors to find a big space of brick walls, brick pillars and leather booths. Also, a huge three-sided bar with 40 draft beers (including 20 of the local variety). Grab a Real Ale IPA. Then look left to find a TV. Or right. Or any direction, really.

But should there not be a game on (or should the weather ever drop to a brisk 92), head outside for the patio. There you’ll get 20 more taps and a couple hardworking fans.

Tough call which to sit by.


Park Tavern
at the Shops at Park Lane
8166 Park Ln, Ste C310
Dallas, TX, 75231


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