Hot Sushi’s Surf Shack and Lessons

Get Out of Dodge

A Strange Surf Shack on Tybee Island

None Bobby, Joey, Harold, Doug, Suzy, Greg, Louis.

Those are normal names. Those are not the names of people who night-surf.

Hot Sushi.

That’s a weird name. That’s a really weird name. That’s the name of the kind of guy who night-surfs.

Actually, correction—that’s the name of the kind of guy who teaches you how to night-surf.

Presenting Hot Sushi’s Surf Shack and Lessons, a strange little surf shop on Tybee Island with a special/exhilarating/Point Break-ian after-hours policy, now open.

So you want to learn how to surf. Great. Grab some zinc, grab some trunks, find someone you wouldn’t mind seeing in a bathing suit and head toward Savannah. Once you hit Tybee Island, stop. There, look for a little roadside tiki hut. It’s got a peace flag out front. It belongs to Hot Sushi.

Inside, you’ll find what looks like a garage. Or a toolshed. Except it’s packed with longboards and logo shirts and wetsuits and Sex Wax. Pick out something seaworthy. Then, when you go to pay, tell Hot Sushi you’re interested in a test-drive. He’ll say sure. Suggest tonight.

See, after Mr. Sushi closes up shop for the evening, he’ll occasionally conduct night-surfing lessons for his most loyal/fearless customers. Do this. Primarily for the learning experience, but also for the story.

It’s not every day you cheat death with a man named Hot Sushi.


Hot Sushi’s Surf Shack and Lessons
US Hwy 80
Tybee Island, GA, 31328

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