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Après-Backcountry-Skiing in Patagonia

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It’s a romantic notion: crossing the Patagonian wilds by day. Sleeping in huts or sweet-talking your way onto couches of kindly gaucho families by night.

But let’s be realistic: holing up in a well-appointed alpine chalet with a private chef and a celebrity mountaineer also has its humble charms.

So let’s get you one of those...

Presenting Ski Mountaineering Patagonian via Benegas Brothers Expeditions, a rare après descent into the heart of Patagonian backcountry, taking reservations now for September.

The man in charge: Patagonian ski legend Willie Benegas, of the hotshot mountaineering siblings the Benegas Brothers. For the first two days, he’ll be gauging your off-piste skills on out-of-bounds runs around nearby Cerro Catedral mountain (its slopes are available, too, in case you want to work outward).

Your home base there is an eight-room private lake chalet that looks as though it’s been airlifted from Aspen onto a foothill of the Patagonian Andes: an outdoor hot tub overlooking the lake and a private chef anxious to fill your belly with fire-roasted Patagonian lamb when you return. Soon, you’ll leave it all behind to test your ski mettle (don’t worry, your chef is coming with you).

From a cabin in Frey Refuge high in the mountains, you’ll conquer uncharted trails, ice climb with Willie and spend the next four days sleeping in bunk beds.

Don’t bother racing him for top bunk.

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