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A British-Style Pub in Bishop Arts

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And then there were two.

Two bars, that is. In Bishop Arts.

Crazy, we know.

Because last month: none. And last week: one. And next week: two.

So allow us to introduce the new guy...

Presenting Ten Bells Tavern, a British-style bar for cold pints and pub food, slated to open next week.

Imagine a ramshackle old house. Now imagine it refurbished, stocked with 40 bottled beers and sporting that pleasant bangers-and-mash new-bar smell. Good. Now you’ve got an idea of what to expect.

See, this place has been dormant for years. And it was just dilapidated enough for someone to say, “Hey, let’s buy it. And turn it into a British pub. And name it after that old London bar where Jack the Ripper hung out.”

So next week, step inside the blue door and navigate through the dark wooden tables to the equally dark wooden bar. Ask the barkeep for a Franconia Dunkel draft and some fish and chips. Then, stay awhile. Because outside, it’s a million degrees. And inside, well, that’s where they keep the six taps. And the A/C.

But should the temperature drop to something a bit more manageable, say, like 97 degrees, head out to the backyard. There you’ll find a sprawling beer garden for alfresco drinking. And sometimes: live music.

And hopefully: a cross breeze.


Ten Bells Tavern
232 W 7th St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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