Horse Stamp Inn

Get Out of Dodge

A Bed-and-Boat-and-Breakfast


You know the drill.

There’re beds.

There’s breakfast.

There’s the island-hopping charter boat.

Like we said, you know the drill.

Welcome to Horse Stamp Inn, a brand-new, sprawling, white-columned mansion with five rooms, 16 acres and a 21-foot boat that’s yours for the taking, accepting reservations now.

First, a short 278-mile jaunt down some highway. Then, a 0.02-mile jaunt up some tree-lined driveway. That’ll end at the foot of a grandfatherly estate. The kind that back in the day probably had a name like Wadsworth Manor. And a butler. Or five.

But now, you’re coming here for an off-the-grid weekend of nature frolicking (and/or outdoor merrymaking). Also, mimosas by a saltwater pool, fishing on the property’s pond, horseback riding, pancake eating, bonfire firing and “borrowing” the owner’s boat.

Yes, the innkeeper here has a ski boat docked out back. And a captain on retainer. One who doesn’t mind sea-chauffeuring you on a whim from one island to the next. Which is great, because to the east: Jekyll Island. And to the south: the wild-mustang-inhabited Cumberland Island.

And to the significantly more south: Miami.


Horse Stamp Inn
2418 Horsestamp Church Rd
Waverly, GA, 31565

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