Float On

An Airplane That Achieves Zero Gravity

None In case you need reminding, it’s summer.

And in case you need more reminding, summer is for road-tripping.

Sure, you could go to Savannah. Maybe drive up the East Coast (lobster rolling in Maine calls).

Or you could always go to outer space.

That’s kind of a thing now.

Presenting Zero G, a flight that allows you to experience space-like weightlessness (and gets you back on the ground before lunch), taking reservations now for its Atlanta stints on June 30 and November 3.

You’re about to embark on a journey. One that used to be reserved only for highly trained astronauts. Or chimpanzees. Or Tom Hanks.

So, space, how do you get there... well, you don’t. Not exactly. Instead, this aircraft achieves zero gravity by doing 12 to 15 parabolas (basically: nose-diving from about 32,000 feet). The result: breakfast. Lost. Also, zero gravity. Which means, yes, you’ll be floating. And yes, you should bring along astronaut food.

Just book some seats online. Then, on departure day, you’ll don a jumpsuit, head to a private part of the airport and board a Boeing 727. When you reach cruising altitude, a magical thing will happen: you’ll get a microscopic bag of peanuts. Just kidding. You’ll be free to unbuckle your seat belt and fly/flip/moonwalk across the padded cabin for a total of eight glorious minutes.

Any longer than that and it’d get old.

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