Well Red

Just Some Really Handsome Shades

None Rainy. Again.

But for all intents and purposes, it’s summer. So, damn it, start acting like it.

That means, pools: at least twice a week; barbecues: at least thrice a week; “sick days”: every Friday; but above all else, sunglasses: constantly.

Here to help: Red’s Outfitters, an Atlanta-designed line of shades that’s prepared to make your eyeballs infinitely more attractive, available now for preorder.

We’re talking about sunglasses here. Which, unless you’re Elton John playing Dodger Stadium in 1975, all you really require is something simple, something handsome and something that will keep the sun from permanently blinding you. Hence, these.

The creators: a trio of local guys who really know shades. Also, Greg Mike (somehow you knew that guy would be involved). The glasses: handmade in Italy (they know a thing or two about frames), timeless and indestructible. As long as you don’t drop, sit or step on them.

To grab a pair, go to the site. They’ve currently got seven options—like the Wayfarer-ish Chapin (think: Cruise circa Risky Business) or the Wallace aviators (think: Cruise circa Top Gun) or the red-rimmed Whitner (think: you circa Saturday circa 2pm circa a pitcher of margaritas circa some porch).

Again, though, these things are still in the preorder stage. But put in for a pair now and they’ll have them to you before the end of summer.

So, fashionably late.

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