The Stand’s Delivery Bike

Stand and Deliver

Your Beer, Cigarettes and Corn Dog Delivery Service

None You’re going to meet someone this Memorial Day weekend.

She’s fast. Has mean curves. Smokes.

Her name will be Betty.

And she’s a moped.

Meet The Stand’s Delivery Bike, a pink, three-wheeled cycle that exists for the sole purpose of driving cold beers, fried Twinkies and cigarettes to your front door, taking orders now in Uptown.

Okay, we know you’re officially checked out for the holiday—your business-casual boardshorts gave that away, but you really need to hear this first. We’ll be fast. The Stand now has a delivery bike (yes, it’s actually fuchsia/named Betty). And the city of Dallas has granted it permission to bring you beers. Also, the sort of things that typically go well with beers (think: bacon-wrapped hot dogs).

So picture it. It’s Sunday at the pool. In your face: the warm sun. In your hand: a cold one. In the cooler next to your hand: nothing. That’s when you’ll call these guys (they’re taking orders till midnight).

Tell them you need six of their finest sixers, 20 of their spiciest wings and something with chili on top of it. Within 45 minutes, there’ll be a party-saving scooter at your door.

And thus concludes the most efficient beer run ever.


The Stand’s Delivery Bike
2916 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204

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