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A Bar... Within a Bar

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Neighborhood bars.

Great for cold pints, watching Ranger games and the occasional basket of wings.

Also, great for hiding stuff.

Especially if the thing being hidden happens to be another bar.

Introducing Hi/Lo, a subsurface cocktail den concealed beneath the floorboards of an Uptown watering hole, now open for private parties.

You’re familiar with the Mason Bar—you nominated it as one of your Best Old-Fashioned-Serving Metropolitan Lounges of the year (yes, you hold an imaginary bar Oscars every summer). Well, believe it or not, they’ve been keeping a secret/underground imbibing lair filled with candlelit brown booths locked up in the basement.

Until now.

To get inside, you’ll need to book a private party (we trust you can find an excuse). Then navigate the Mason Bar’s maze of white tabletops to reach a set of back stairs. Go down.

Below, you’ll discover a land of dark leather banquettes, skull-painted wallpaper and a single, small corner bar with cocktail recipes old enough to be your grandfather. Off to the side: a stage. With a microphone. It’s going to remain empty... unless you say otherwise.

Yup, you’ll be in charge of choosing the music acts here. See, the guys behind this place are Trees alums, so they have some serious industry pull. Also, they’re pretty cool about taking/booking band requests.

Greatest. Jukebox. Ever.


at The Mason Bar
2701 Guillot St
Dallas, TX, 75204


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